Daniel Harel is considered a virtuoso in the realm of Mind-Reading entertainment. For over a decade, he has been astonishing audiences both large and small, with his mind-blowing show. Daniel is considered a pioneer in the world of mentalism, and has even lectured the Israeli Society of Magicians on the special techniques he uses. As a performer and creator - who also advises many of Israel's top mentalists, Daniel has developed a unique method called Deductive Mind-Reading, which is based on his keen ability to draw incredible conclusions from the subtlest of hints. This technique, combined with a captivating stage presence, tons of charisma and a razor-sharp wit, enables Daniel to take his audience on an amazing rollercoaster-ride of a show that is bound to turn even the most skeptical of viewers into believers!

The Show

You've already told him everything - you just don't know it yet…

Bridging the gap between fiction and reality, Daniel Harel is often described as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.
As a performer with an uncanny sensitivity for the smallest of details, Daniel can come to know everything about you, with even the slightest gaze.
What did you have for breakfast? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Even things you have long forgotten, are not beyond Daniel’s reach.
Bear in mind that this is not just another standard telepathy show. Unlike most mentalists who showcase their abilities, Daniel's show revolves around people, and in your event, your guests are the center of the show.
This show is an interactive experience that incorporates full audience participation. A virtuoso demonstration of skill that will make your jaw drop with astonishment and your stomach hurt with laughter. A show that will send your guests on their way with one word in mind – amazing!
Daniel's show is suited to a wide range of events, giving your guests an experience they will never forget.




Join us and take part as Daniel performs in “The king of pogs” – A first of its kind Theatrical Mentalism show

.combining both Mentalism and live theater

.The show itself is an exclusive experience for a small audience

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The Mind of a Mentalist

Ask yourselves this: What is the importance of practice in our everyday lives? How can we create impossible solutions using creative thinking? And why is it important to know how to read the body language of those around us, but even more so our own?

The answers to all these questions are revealed in Daniel’s lecture, The mind of a mentalist. Daniel, a mentalist with over a decade of experience in the realm of mind-reading, is considered to be a sought after lecturer, and has even gave a talk on Israel’s biggest TEDx event ever!

The mind of a mentalist, correlates with Daniel’s personal experience and the journey he made in the realm of Telepathy – starting with the first time he infiltrated into a secret gathering of mentalists and leading to how he got to perform on prime time television and develop his unique method.

Don’t be fooled by the headline. This is not your run-of-the-mill lecture, but an interactive dialogue in which Daniel invites audience members to take part on stage and experience amazing, mind-baffling demonstrations.
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